The Doozles are Dozing (Full Text) - Sam Glassenberg

The Doozles are Dozing (Full Text)

Brought to you by Sam Glassenberg and ChatGPT4

In Pixar’s The Incredibles 2, Mr. Incredible teases audiences by reading only three short excerpts from a mysteriously mesmerizing children’s book: The Doozles are Dozing.

They even sold a companion storybook, Sweet Dreams Jack Jack, that didn’t reveal any additional lines from the story.

No problem. I sat down with ChatGPT and after some back-and-forth, she did a pretty good job of filling in the rest.

Parents of small children…. You’re welcome.

In the country of Nod-Off,
the Frubbers of Freep
are all giving in
to the sweet succor of sleep.

Their yawns quite contagious,
in the cool Freepish air,
as the Frubbers fall aslumber,
releasing each care.

With their dreams already stirring,
beneath eyelids getting steep,
within the quiet of Nod-Off,
into slumber, do they seep.

The Frubbers of Freep,
in twilight’s hush sweep,
In blankets of starlight,
slide into deep sleep.

All over Doozle-Dorf,
the Fribbers of Frupp
are going to sleep
’cause they just can’t keep up.

As the stars twinkle over,
the Fribbers, they succumb,
to the soothing whisper
of Nod-Offs’s nightly hum.

Tired and content,
under the stars’ gentle sweep,
the Fribbers of Frupp
are lost in dreams deep.

All over Doozle-Dorf, 
Doozles are dozing,
their eyelids so heavy,
they’re drooping and closing.

Wrapped in night’s whispers,
with dreams slowly enclosing,
the Doozles are nestled,
in sleep they’re reposing.

To dreams, the Doozles,
now gently are led,
as stars twinkle above
each sleepy head.

The Doozles of Doozle-Dorf,
in their warm, cozy beds,
let dreams of tomorrow
dance in their heads.

Everyone, everyone’s
hitting the sack.
Everyone’s getting
the sleep that they lack.

On the banks of Buzzle-Brook,
in Nod-Off so nigh,
the Yoggles of Yip
let out a sleepy sigh.

Under the whispering willows
of Wuzzle-Weep,
the Gribbles of Grap
gently fall into sleep.

Upon the tranquil trails
of Whisper-Top,
the Bubbles of Bop
quietly come to a stop.

Across the drowsy dunes of Hushabye-Heap,
all is quiet,
not a peep,
not a peep.

As dreams weave their tales
in the night so grand,
every eye is closed
in this slumber-filled land.


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