Talks Prior to 2016 - Sam Glassenberg

Talks Prior to 2016

Colombia 3.0 2015

Movie Based Games

Bogota, Colombia

Verizon Venture Forum 2015

Unleashing Game Technology on Unsuspecting Industries

New York, New York

Casual Connect 2015

Fans First: The Rebirth of the Movie-Based Game

San Francisco, California

Internet Cowboys 2015

The Cutting Edge

Jackson, Wyoming

Chicago Video Game Law Summit 2015

The Business of Video Games

Chicago, Illinois

Northeastern Illinois University 2014

In Pursuit of the Coolest Job in the World

Chicago, Illinois

GameIS 2013

Managing Video Game Studios

Tel Aviv, Israel

DLD Tel Aviv 2013

Video Game Production and Outsourcing

Tel Aviv, Israel

NYU 2013

The Business of Movie-Based Games

New York, New York

[A] List Summit 2013

Create Fans, Not Users

New York, New York

Digital Hollywood 2013

Social, Tablet & Smart Phone Gaming

Los Angeles, California

Digital Life Design 2013

The Israeli Video Game Industry

Munich, Germany

SponsorPay Executive Roundtable 2012

Mobile Brand Advertising

New York, New York

Digital Hollywood 2012

Advertising and Micro-Commerce, Games and Game Networks

Los Angeles, California

Mobile Gaming Summit 2012

Social Games on Mobile

New York, New York

DLD Tel Aviv 2012

The Global Gaming Industry

Tel Aviv, Israel

New York Games Conference 2012

Madison Avenue Got Game! Creating Successful In-Game Campaigns

New York, New York

Amsterdam Got Game 2012

Social Games – Fad or Future

Amsterdam, Netherlands

DLD Moscow 2012

The Convergence of Film and Games

Moscow, Russia

Com.vention New York 2012

Silicon Wadi in Silicon Alley

New York, New York

MassDigi Games Challenge 2012

2012 and Beyond: The Next 1-2 Years in Gaming

Boston, Massachusetts

HTIA Conference 2011

Gaming – What’s Next in Social Media

Jerusalem, Israel

DLD 2011

A Brief History of Virtual Goods

Athens, Greece


(Keynote) Opportunities and Imperatives for the Israeli Games Industry

Herzliya, Israel

Gamefest 2007

DirectX 10 and 10.1

Seattle, Washington

Game Developer Conference 2007

Rapid-Fire Game Material Systems

San Francisco, California

Gamefest Unplugged UK 2007

Rapid-Fire Game Material Systems

London, UK

Gamefest 2006

Advanced DirectX 10: Getting the Most from Your Game

Seattle, Washington

WinHEC 2006

DirectX Graphics: DirectX 10 and Beyond

Seattle, Washington

Comvention 2006

(Keynote) Suspending Disbelief: Game Technology Trends & Imperatives for Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Game Developers Conference 2006

Ritual Entertainment: Next-Gen Visual Effects on DX10

San Jose, California

Develop Conference 2006

Get Ready for DirectX 10

Brighton, UK

Score 4.6/5, 2nd Highest speaker score at the event

ATI 3D Developer Day 2006

DirectX 10 Overview

San Francisco, California

Meltdown 2005

Intro to Real-Time Global Illumination

Seattle, Washington

Score 3.8/4 = Highest speaker score at the event

Professional Developers Conference 2005

Real Time Graphics Applications in DirectX

Los Angeles, California

Game Developers Conference 2005

Precomputed Radiance Transfer for Game Artists

San Francisco, California

University of Illinois 2005

The Future of Video Game Graphics on Windows

Urbana, Illinois

University of Southern California 2005

Making the Best Games Look Better

Los Angeles, California


Introduction to HLSL

Los Angeles, California

ISTC 1999

3D Studio Max: 3D Modeling & Character Animation

Oakbrook, Illinois